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Our team provides a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of business topics for you to call upon. We can help with sourcing funding and developing a skilled workforce, to strategies for business growth, improving marketing and sales, and sourcing your next property.

We are well connected in the region to link you into further support from a wide range of partner organisations, to ensure the best service possible is offered

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Connect into the regional supply chain

Benefit from our extensive connections across the region, including global OEM and tier 1 organisations.


Increase the skills base of your workforce

Great people make great businesses. Our advisors can help your business to develop, retain and recruit people.


Developing high street and retail

Our advisors can help you find your way through recent economic shocks and look to the future, developing new customers and sales channels.


Grants and funding opportunities

Find out about Productivity and Low Carbon grants, along with other funding sources to help your business grow.


Develop strategy

Our advisors can work with your management team to develop strategies for growth and plan for key initiatives such as Lean, ISO or CE Marking.


Finding a property

We can help you find the right commercial premises for your business no matter what the size, with our free property search service.

Rotherham business grants

A range of grant funding opportunities are currently available for Small to Medium Sized businesses (SMEs) in Rotherham, part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). For all grants, applicants should contact us to discuss eligibility and the application process. Applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis and subject to funding availability.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) is a three-year UK Government funding stream that replaces European Structural and Investment Funds. The South Yorkshire UKSPF allocation totals £46.2m. South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) will administer UKSPF for South Yorkshire’s four local authority areas. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK, investing in communities and place, supporting local business, and people and skills. For more information, visit GOV.UK: UK Shared Prosperity Fund: prospectus

Business Productivity and Digitisation Grants

The project aims to support Small to Medium Sized businesses (SMEs) in South Yorkshire to improve their productivity and digital innovation through the provision of capital or revenue grant, and to identify and address their business productivity challenges. For businesses in Rotherham, a Key Account Manager will work with you to guide you through the competitive application process, with an open call for applications.

The grant will part-fund interventions, with the business making up the rest of the funding itself. For projects costing between £5,000 and £24,999, you can apply for a 50% grant contribution of up to £12,500. There must be clearly evidenced productivity improvements, prioritising investments that will have a positive impact on the creation of potential new employment opportunities.

Low Carbon GrantS

This project provides dedicated support and a source of funding for eligible businesses to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across South Yorkshire. For Rotherham businesses, one-to-one support from a specialist advisor will guide you through the full process, including a free carbon survey to identify energy saving improvements before submitting a grant application.

The grant scheme enables businesses to apply for a financial contribution towards eligible costs of one or more energy-saving interventions. The grant will part-fund interventions, with the business making up the rest of the funding itself, for projects costing up to £24,999, you can apply for a 50% grant contribution of £12,500. For projects costing more than £25,000, you can apply for a grant contribution of between 10% and 50% of the project cost. The minimum grant you can apply for is £1,500 (for a project with a total cost £3,000).

The Rural England Prosperity Fund grants

The project will work with applicant businesses in Rural areas that can best demonstrate how investments will have a positive impact on the local economy through the creation of potential new employment opportunities in the borough. A Key Account Manager from Rotherham will assist you in confirming eligibility and guide you through the application process.

Rural areas are identified using DEFRA’s ‘Magic Maps’ tool. These areas include towns, villages, and hamlets with populations below 10,000 and the wider countryside and market or ‘hub towns’ with populations of up to 30,000 that serve their surrounding rural areas as centres of employment and in providing services.

Grants between £2,500 and £12,499 are available to fund up to 50% of project costs. Successful applicants must have funds available to pay for the project in full, before the grant can be reimbursed. In exceptional cases applications for larger grants may be considered, however you must be able to demonstrate the project significantly contributes to the outcomes of the scheme.

Shop front

Business support for the High Street

As part of Rotherham’s commitment to the borough’s retail centres, business advice is available for retail and high street businesses provided by RiDO’s advisory team.

Advisors are able to cover a wide range of topics, from helping acquire new customers and develop digital sales and marketing channels, to navigating the current economic climate, growing the business and upskilling the workforce.

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